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credibility and authenticity. Zustzlich kannst du dir berlegen, ob du auch ein paar kleinere Speisen auf der Karte anbieten mchtest. Diesen Wnschen kannst du natrlich gerecht werden, du kannst den Innenraum deiner Shisha Bar aber natrlich auch nach deinen eigenen Wnschen gestalten. Target Market Segment Strategy, arz al-Lubnan Hookah Bar will target Middle Eastern Americans and young professionals, and not college age residents. Du solltest dir also ein gutes Sortiment an hbschen Wasserpfeifen zulegen. It may happen that an establishment may become popular due to a delicacy other than the shisha, so always have contingency plans to separate the smoking and non-smoking areas. Backlit screens and wall panels are another great way to filter in mood lighting.

The bar serves mocktails that complement the various hookah flavors amazingly. Denn nur das Rauchen von Tabak ist in Shisha Bars und allen anderen ffentlich zugnglichen Rumlichkeiten verboten. Young Professionals: 22-35 year-old professionals who are tired with bar culture sometimes react against it by looking for other activities. It is a very lucrative business to start as more Americans have inclined into the habit of Hookah smoking. The concept behind its design was to create a unique atmosphere with an edgy elegance. And an average of five new hookah bars were opening every month. Competition and Buying Patterns Hookah bar customers in the United States judge between establishments based on location (they will not be willing to travel too far out of their way for a hookah bar) the variety of flavors served. Shisha bars or Hookah bars are a one of a kind establishment where tobacco aficionados can smoke tobacco mixed with fruit or molasses with the help of a hose or tube. A shisha bar design is centered on the entertainment of the patrons, most of whom love reveling in the thick clouds of smoke that plume out of the hookah.

Lets take a brief look at all the legal aspects you need to consider before investing in a shisha bar design:   All shisha bars require planning permissions and need to be compliant with the SmokeFree legislation. Their incredible line-up is especially popular with the more adventurous hookah bar patrons. One should also note that its illegal to sell tobacco containing products to underage people, so the business needs to ensure that this doesnt happen. With almost 30 flavors on the menu including the traditional Double Apple, Grape, and Mint to the more eclectic Mango Tango youll find an assortment of accompanying tiny bites and drinks to complement the whole experience. The booths are upholstered with colorful upholstery and the walls are adorned with arched niches that showcase stunning hookahs! Haze Tobacco: This brand features some of the most unique flavors. These days, hookah bars are chiefly operated by people from the Arab world. Das Angebot, was ist essentiell fr eine Shisha Bar?

However, if you want to take a look at a few shisha bar designs from the Arab world, here are a few amazing destination places from Dubai. Now that weve taken a look at a few case studies, we can filter out 10 elements that youll need to consider while designing your own shisha bar. Designing and launching a shisha lounge can be a daunting tasks. There are currently no national hookah bar franchises. Starbuzz Shisha: This particular brand is popular for its flavor varieties and large smoke clouds. Of these hookah smokers, approximately 10 are of Middle Eastern origin and the remaining groups are of American origin but have grown to embrace hookah culture.

Recently, the habit of Hookah smoking has quietly been assimilated by America; that is why you see some Hookah bars located here and there in various cities. If your bar provides food or drinks then youll need to register with the Food Safety Teams as a food business. This actually translated into the shisha bar design with industrial style design elements, mood lighting, vintage furniture and artwork. Send Out Fliers -: You can ask for permission to drop fliers of your hookah bar in restaurants that serve Middle Eastern cuisines. Most of these bars are highly accommodating there are seating booths each with their own hookah, a flavorful menu and a well-crafted ambiance. These devotees will feel comfortable bringing their non-Middle Eastern friends to Arz al-Lubnan Hookah Bar. . The supplier should be able to handle bulk orders as at when needed, and should supply you at the cheapest price possible.

Lets take a look at some case studies so you can get a better hang of the design aspect: Escape Shisha Lounge, Birmingham, Digbeth: This quirky little establishment is not simply a straightforward shisha bar its so much more! You can handle this part if you are good at preparation of the hookah smoke; while the other employee will be in the bar to help out people who are having problem with their hookah pipes. This step will include leasing a store space that will serve as the Hookah bar. Generally, as long as 80 of sales are derived from tobacco, smoking within hookah establishments can be permitted by law. Shisha is a flavoured tobacco soaked in fruit shaving, which is smoked through a wet pipe called hookah. They appreciate being able to meet other Middle Eastern Americans at hookah bars, both for friendship and for dating. The hookah bar business plan will serve as a map for your business. Ebenso solltest du nicht vergessen etwas Geld fr im Laufe der Zeit anfallenden Reparaturen beiseite zu legen.

Here are all the important factors that you need to know and consider when youve decided to open a Hookah bar/lounge of your own: 10 Elements To Consider In A Shisha Bar Design. Wenn du eine Shisha Bar erffnen mchtest musst du mit einigen Kosten rechnen. The understated, earthy material scheme with lush, stylish landscaping is one of Dubais best-kept secrets. Generell haben es Selbststndige bei der Darlehensvergabe bei klassischen Kreditinstituten nicht immer leicht. Fumari Shisha: This is another popular premium hookah tobacco shisha brand that is said to be strikingly fresh. How to Open Your Own Shisha Bar. Desert Cafe: Loved by regulars for its owner and its atmosphere, Desert Cafe has plasma TVs, outdoor seating in summer and atmospheric lighting.

Specific competitors for Arz al-Lubnan Hookah Bar include Ali Baba Hookah Bar, Babylon Hookah Lounge, Desert Cafe, and Zees Smoking Corner. Typically, hookah tobacco is sold and pipes are provided to customers in hookah bars. A fire risk assessment must also be carried out by the business. This basically means that stagnant air in a hookah bar is not healthy for anyone. Zudem muss man keinen Businessplan vorlegen und muss fr eine Kreditanfrage auch noch nicht einmal das haus verlassen, da die Abwicklung komplett digital ist, Shisha Bar erffnen Einrichtung, die meisten Besucher einer Shisha Bar erwarten dort ein orientalisches Design. Indoor smoking is prohibited in most States, so you also need to get an indoor smoking license to permit indoor smoking in your hookah bar. The lighting: The lighting matters because once again, youre going to need special effects to camouflage the smoky air. Set Up the Hookah Bar. Do you want to start a hookah bar lounge from scratch?

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